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Soccer Software

The new version of the animation software easy Animation 3.0 contains 6 sports (soccer, handball, basketball, volleyball, hockey and ice hockey). It has functions, that you find in 3D-Software only: Zooming and turning fields.

Now you may analyse a game situation from different points of view!

How long does it take until you are able to use easy Animation? 5 minutes or less.

4 steps until your animation is ready:

  1. Select your sports and a field.
  2. Draw players and tools onto the field.
  3. Move your players (principle: What will happen in the next second?).
  4. Save and export.

Screen of easy Animation 3.0:


Very simple: 4 steps until an animation.


Step 1: Select your sports

Damit sehen Sie die Spielfelder, Tools und Spieler der ausgewählten Sportart

Step 2: Select players and tools

You drag and drop players and tools. They differ from sports to sports, but you also mix players, fields and tools from different sports.

Step 3: Move your players

Just imagine: Where will the running or dribbling players be in the next second? Then you draw the player to where he will stand in the next second. To create a pass, you simply draw the ball to the target point.
Creating an animation is continously repeating to draw players and balls to the place where they will be in the next second.


Step 4: Playing and exporting an animation

You cann open and change all saved animatons. If you send an original animation file to a colleague, he also may open and change it. Advantage: An animation file is extremely small.

For Power Point presentations you export your animation to AVI and for websites to FLV.

More information about easy Animation

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