Soccer Software: New in easy Animation 3.0

Soccer Software for tactics analyzes

Analyzing Tactics, Make Videos of your Exercises

easy Animation is probably the easiest-to-use animation software in the world.

It is the ideal tool for tactical analysis. Coaches use easy Animation

  • for planning their training sessions,
  • to develop new exercises,
  • to demonstrate exercises and present them in a video,
  • for tactical analysis.

Sports: soccer, handball, basketball, hockey, volleyball and ice hockey.

With easy Animation you may anylize tactics professionally in every detail. Turning fields and selecting parts of a field are only two out of many functions, that provide analyzing capacity normally only possible with 3D soccer software. When developing easy Animation we furthermore emphasized on handling the software.  The new timeline and the multiple selection let you work faster and more comfortable.

Example – Game situation: 2014 FIFA World Cup qualification
GER – AUT 3:0 (1:0)

Analyze like using 3D soccer software

You don’t need complicated 3D software to view a scene on the camp from a different point of view. With easy Animation you create game situations fast and easy. Then just a click onto the arrow button turns the field – and you view it from a different perspective. Like in 3D.

Soccer software easy Animation 3

Soccer software easy Animation 3

Zooming parts of a field

Sometimes you want to watch a special detail out of a game situation. This you do with the magnifying glasses. Zoom in with the + magnifying glass, move the field with the hand.

Presentations like on TV

Präsentieren wie im FernsehenHighlight parts of a game situation or exercise with circles, rectangles and arrows. The easy Animation drawing function lets you present like on TV.

You may select the size and the color of a circle, rectangle or arrow as you like. Every color is possible. You may also vary the thickness of the lines.

And the best of all: You don’t need to present live. When exporting an animation the objects of the drawing function will be exported too.

New timeline and timeline functions

The new timeline is comfortable: You want to add a scene text? Use the tiny T on the timeline. You want to duplicate or delete a scene? You do it directly in the timeline.


Also new: you may work on multiple scenes when you select them with your mouse.

Multiple selection

easy Animation Mehrfachauswahl
Move your mouse over multiple players or tools to enlarge or move them simultaneously.


The professional export funktion supports  AVI and FLV. You choose quality and size of your video up to 1491 px width and 1066 px height.

Exporting video in easy Animation 3.0

Image export

easy Animation BildschirmfotoA click onto the camera lets you export an image of a single scene. Thats great if you want to put single scenes of your animation on an webpage.

easy Animation for online seminars

German soccer association teacher Ralf Peter uses easy Animation to analyze and present tactics.

easy Animation for 6 sports

easy Animation 3.0 now comes with the same funcionality for  soccer, handball, volleyball, basketball, bockey and  ice hockey.

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  1. Mikel Gandarias

    30. Juli 2013 at 10:52

    I have a question to ask about easy animation 3.0 Can i use it on Mac. Thank you!!!

    • admin

      10. September 2013 at 12:41

      Yes you can, if you installed Windows for Mac before.

  2. JAIME

    18. August 2016 at 10:19


    • Peter Schreiner

      3. Dezember 2016 at 08:26

      easy Animation is for Windows only.