Experts about soccer software easy Animation

Soccer software

Experts from different sports tested easy Animation 3.0

„I use easy Animation as an important tool in the A-license-courses. With this software it is easy to show and explain tactics. For me it is very import that I can create the animations within a short period of time. The new version easy Animation 3.0 lets me show all animations in detail and from other points of view.“
Ralf Peter (DFB-Coach and A-License-Teacher)

Ralf Peter is using soccer software easy Animation

Ralf Peter is using soccer software easy Animation

Dietrich Späte (Head of Publisher Philippka, Handball expert):
„We have shown easy Animation 3.0 to the coaches of the Handball Bundesliga. They love the functions of this software.  In my opinion easy Animation is a valuable software to show and explain complex handball tactics and   training forms.“

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