easy Animation 3.0 Hockey

Horst Wein

Horst Wein

Horst Wein (FH Master Coach and author) loves easy Animation 3.0

The former national player and coach of Spain and Germany, helped us to develop easy Animation and easy Sports-Graphics  HOCKEY.

More than 30 books, countless articles and presentations in many contries make Horst Wein one of the biggest expert in Hockey.

The hockey and game intelligence expert  uses easy Sports-Graphics for his illustrations and   easy Animation 3.0 for his presentations all around the world.

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Analyzing Tactics, Make Videos of your Exercises

easy Animation is probably the easiest-to-use animation software in the world.
It is the ideal tool for tactical analysis. Coaches use easy Animation

  • for planning their training sessions,
  • to develop new exercises,
  • to demonstrate exercises and present them in a video,
  • for tactical analysis.

Sports: soccer, handball, basketball, hockey, volleyball and ice hockey.